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EducationERP for Higher Education

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According to the results of a special survey 'Higher Education: Free degrees to fly' by Economist®, higher education is already a global business. The days when higher education was a matter of national policy and government regulation are rapidly fading. Higher Education provisioning is now globalised and in many ways, a commercialized affair and the way that the State had in the goings on is vastly diminished. According to Andreas Schleicher of OECD, a Paris based ‘Think Tank’ the numbers studying abroad were statistically negligible two decades ago. According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the growth is now soaring: 2 million university students-approaching 2% of the world's total of around 100 million studying outside their home country in 2003. Since the late 1990s the higher education market is growing by 7 per cent a year. The Economist Survey on higher education further indicates that annual fee income alone is estimated at $ 30 billion.
Following this, there is tremendous competition amongst institutions to outdo the other and to attract students to join them. Considering this growing market, higher education institutions need to be well prepared for all the challenges and have to offer the best to their students. The widespread use of Internet, has hiked students’ expectation of technology services. Institutions must have that cutting edge that would allow students to get benefitted by technology. facilitates you to be a winner! With a web based architecture and accessible from anywhere is the perfect solution for your institution.

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Students and Faculty at ISBR have found highly user friendly and appealing. The system has also made the work of our accounts department and the administration staff easier. We are also largely benefitted by the integrated solution that has given access to all the three campuses located in different geographical locations circumventing all the operational issues created by the geographical barriers.

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